The Veil Lifts

I set the site in a visible state. Also I added some projects for download. They are very rough, and according to “The Art of Unix Programming” I shouldn’t even think of publish them. Mail links still don’t convince me. If you click on one of them in Mozilla you get a mail with three recipients: maxpagani, at and Which isn’t very friendly. I’d like to put the simplest URL without being flooded with SPAM.
There are still three URLs marked as work in progress: wife, miniatures and videogames. Also 3DRap sources are not yet accessible since they require a non-trivial polishing work. But the urge to publish my site was no longer bearable :-).

On Line

The site is on-line, hidden in a ‘secret’ file in The hosting service is quite complete and provides some tools for creating: real blogs, counters and guest book. The only annoyance is that you have to install and configure yourself. With the possible exception of the counter I opted to go on with my site instead of spending time on these nice gadgets.


I’ve just registered the domain ‘’. This should be the first step in the online life of this site. A little step for a site, nearly unnoticeable for humanity :-D.