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I worked at UbiStudios Milan - the Italian UbiSoft subsidiary for game development - from 1999 to 2004.
I've been there at the very beginning - I started on 2 January, while only two coworkers started before me by a couple of months. And I remained there until the very last, when the management decided to get rid of all programmers to trim down subsidiary lively costs.

Things evolved after I left, and now they have programmers again, but being laid off with no other reason than cost reduction is not something you want to repeat. Currently I don't see enough warranties to apply for their openings again.

I start thinking, as of half 2008, that the Ubi experience will remain the only experience in the videogame industry for me. Italian Videogame Industry is close to non-existant. There are two major studios - Milestone and UbiSoft perpetually struggling and a number of small shops, relatively healthy but unable to grow to the "industry" status.
Beside I am not in the situation, nor I am the kind of guy likely to start-up a personal shop.

So I have wonderful memories of those days, I miss every coworker since we were a great team, well jelled, highly skilled and capable to get things done quite timely. In the 1999-2003 we cranked out 4 Game Boy Color projects, 3 Game Boy Advance projects, 1 PC and Playstation 2 project, a full port of a game from Playstation 2 to XBox and to PC, one mission pack and nearly managed to get a port from PC to Playstation 2 (before the project was cancelled). I like to think that these numbers are quite exceptional in the

The first contribution to this page is the UbiMilan Jargon File. Of course it is written in Italian, because that's the language we talked, even though in the first days we talk in english because one of our bosses hadn't learned Italian yet.

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