Core Techniques and Algorithms in Game Programming

This book aims to be a comprehensive textbook for videogame programming courses. At least this is what it seemed to me. It doesn’t contain anything new or complex, but it is a good presentation, offering many references, for all the subjects in this vast field. To the experienced videogame programmer, the book hasn’t much to offer, nonetheless I found a couple of things I didn’t think of and/or I didn’t know about.
For example AI programming with rule system was something out of my experience, both because the consoles on which I programmed hadn’t much CPU power to spare and the games I coded didn’t require an advanced AI, with the notable exception of RogueSpear GBA.
Employing a rule system for RogueSpear GBA could have likely simplified our tasks.
Also the outdoor rendering algorithm is something that was relatively new to me.
To sum it up a good reference book, containing pointers to more detailed dissertations. I recommend it for junior programmers more than seniors.

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