Not your father’s Galactica

Today I finished watching season 4 of the new edition of Battlestar Galactica. I must say that the new edition is much more intriguing and compelling than the old one. All childish, naive stuffings are gone, giving the show a more mature and real tone. All characters are well developed and strong feelings mix well with politics, life and military discipline. The entire show is based on characters depth rather than sci-fi or special effects. The battlestar scenario is closer to a WWII battleship than to a spaceship. (Beware of the spoiling). Yes the show is over, they find earth, but many questions rest unanswered – who wrote the ticket in the first season stating that there were 12 cylon models? Who is the last cylon? How Kara Thrace survived the accident and returned to Galactica? How does Baltar survived the nuclear explosion on Caprica (yer the one in the opening titles)? What’s the purpouse of the final five? Why they had to undergo all the tribulation against Cylons when they were Cylons themselves?
Nonetheless the show is great. It is orchestrated to produce interesting confrontations and strong feelings in the watcher. Just keep in mind that the target audience is not the same of the original series. This time BSG is intended for a mature public.

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