My name is Massimiliano Pagani and this is my personal website. I am, in order of appearance, a software engineer, a husband and a father. I am not a DJ, if you are looking for that Max Pagani look elsewhere, neither I work in real estate, that one is another Max Pagani.

Engineering vocation hit me back when I was 8, connecting a couple of wires, a battery and a small bulb lamp. The light from the bulb was somewhat inspiring – I could build stuff! It was then that I decided that I wanted to do electronics.

Home computers were still some years ahead, but when they arrived I opted for the soft side of them and I specialized in programming. This gave me some time to spend hands-on with wires, chips and sparks.

I started writing this website in 2004 when I worked for UbiSoft Milan and the job seemed not so stable. Having a blog and a website was cool, the right thing to do and a good presentation item for perspective employers. This is also the reason why this site is mainly written in English even if English is not my native language.