From The Guardian:”[…] Berlusconi’s triumph will send a shiver of apprehension through Brussels, where memories are still fresh of the way his government let Italy’s public finances run out of control, threatening the stability of the euro. Romano Prodi, the former European commission president and Italy’s ex-prime minister who narrowly defeated Berlusconi two years ago,
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Madness concept considered harmful

I read too much sci-fi to not be concerned about the recent claims I read about in the press. I found that “madness” boundaries are quite fuzzy, just have a look at the definition of Insanity on Wikipedia. Being a danger for himself and the people in general by flouting societal norms is quite vague,
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I have always feel distrust in demonstrations, rallies and overly crowded shouting events. I always though that when you are just a number, an atom of a whole, is easy to manipulate your intentions. Maybe you demonstrate for peace and political leaders use the numbers to show how strong is their party. I mean you
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