Ad Astra

“Friends come and go, but enemies accumulate” [A. Bloch]. In my experience I never found a witty saying farther from truth than this.

I am about starting a new job and I am in the same mood and feelings I expressed here two years and something ago – thankful to the people I met and nervous to meet new people, although, I’m sure, they’ll be great people to work with and to share a good chunk of life.

The difference with two years and something ago, is that now I have more friends, and thanks to them I am a more experienced and better person.

Schindler motto is “we elevate”, and possibly I took it very literally since going beyond the high rise skyscrapers, I am about to launch my bugs into space.

Space is such a fascinating subject. When I was a kid the space race was still a things and men walked on the moon. I grew up with space and astronauts myths.

Possibly I’ll never be an astronaut (unless they send me to fix bugs on site), but this will be the closest connection with that dream.

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