Since few years ago my daily commute time increased reaching some 25′ per leg. This time is quite long and listening to latest pop music hits for two half hours a day, or worse to speakers and DJs easy talks, quickly became boring. So I discovered the world of podcast (well, Max, welcome in the
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Could you show me your antivirus?

A couple of days ago I went to the local shopping mall to buy something. At the checkout I gave my credit card and the clerk asked me for an identity document. This practice though somewhat annoying, is quite usual and is in place for protecting both the customer and the shop. Nonetheless, after what
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ciao nonna

Grazie per essere stata con noi tutti questi anni, per averci fatto crescere e per averci insegnato, col tuo esempio, che aiutare gli altri non è mai troppo e che c’è sempre qualcosa di bello in tutti e in tutto. Ciao nonna.


In these days when you want to share something you usually resort to a social network. Blogs are slowly going out of fashion.That’s bad at least for two reasons – there are plenty of social networks (well, no less than three) and they require you have an account to let you read my content. Also
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Time doesn’t Age the Soul of the Dreamer

I found this though somewhat inspiring… (English follows) La vita non è fatta per guardare indietro la strada percorsa, ma per sognare la strada ancora da fare. Non chiederti chi sei davanti allo specchio, non avrai risposta alcuna, semmai guardati dentro e scoprirai di non essere cambiato mai. Il tempo non invecchia l’anima di chi
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