Time doesn’t Age the Soul of the Dreamer

I found this though somewhat inspiring…
(English follows)
La vita non è fatta per guardare indietro la strada percorsa, ma per sognare la strada ancora da fare. Non chiederti chi sei davanti allo specchio, non avrai risposta alcuna, semmai guardati dentro e scoprirai di non essere cambiato mai. Il tempo non invecchia l’anima di chi sogna.
(Giovanni Di Battista)

In English, it may sound something like:
“Life is not intended for looking backward to the road you went through, life is intended for dreaming the road ahead. Don’t ask who you are in front of a mirror – you won’t have any answer, rather look into yourself and you will find you never changed. Time doesn’t age the soul of the dreamer.”

(or maybe it’s just me getting old and liking suggestions that I’m not).

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