The news of the day is that I implemented the comment preview. So before leaving a comment you have a chance to read it again and make corrections if needed. I trust that this won’t reduce the number of comments just because you have more chances to change your mind in the process 🙂 Also
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What makes a blog interesting…

…is both the content and how often it is updated. I must keep this in mind.The good news is that those spamming bastards seem to have been defeated by a minor change to the verification code handling. Basically now the code is re-generated every time it is checked unrelated to the check success. I consider
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Welcome back, my dear comments

Eventually comments have been re-enabled.I first devised a simple solution similar to the one I used to encode email addresses in my site. The text I want to display is not stored in the HTML itself, but obscured and given to a JavaScript function that takes care of decoding and displaying it. Provided that the
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Someone spammed my blog comments. Ah-ah very funny. I had to clean up everything and to disable the option of leaving comments to my blog entries. Sorry for that, I hope to come out soon with a viable solution to let comments in while leaving the spam out.