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Speak Slowly, no Vowels, pls – Solutions

In my previous post, I described how I devised a programming problem for an internal company contest with the help of the ubiquitous ChatGPT. Also, ChatGPT provided a solution for the problem as part of the development process. Even more interestingly the language model provided a fictional context for justifying the problem.

The task was to write a function removeVowels( string text ) which takes an arbitrary text (arbitrary as long as it contains no uppercase letters) and returns the same string where vowels have been removed. Given the string “hello world”, the result should be “hll wrld”.

The implementation must not have:

  • loops
  • if statement
  • list comprehension

If you want to give it a try before reading the solution, stop here. Otherwise, follow me.

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Speak Slowly, no Vowels, pls – The Problem

As a winner of the last programmer contest at Schindler MIL, I had to devise a new compelling and intriguing puzzle to propose to my colleagues. The first two puzzles were in the form “Implement X without using Y“, an interesting pattern that allowed for multiple solutions.

But I ran short of (X,Y) pairs, and staring at my blank page I decided to resort to … ChatGPT. Yes, nowadays it is like the uber-solution to everything. Don’t you know how to partially specialize your templates? Ask ChatGPT; don’t you know how to present a topic? Ask ChatGPT; don’t you know how much a brick weighs? Ask ChatGPT; don’t you know how to devise a programming puzzle? Ask ChatGPT.

So I went on and asked this modern oracle –

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Trying to Save from Machines Wrath

When ChatGPT claimed that this new and improved version was more versatile in logic reasoning, I decided to give it a try.

I opted for an all-time classic:

Considering how chatty ChatGPT is, I was a bit surprised by the reply. More about its terseness than its lack of correctness. So I prod the neural network:

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