Month: November 2005

On Strike

Tomorrow in Italy there will be a general strike. Workers from all categories will go on strike to protest against the financial law and the current government.I am (not alone I suppose) not very happy of how things are going in Italy now. Let’s make it clear, it is not just a matter of what happened in the last 5 years (at least not only for these), it is a disaster ongoing since a long ago.
So I was faced with a dilemma, I would have liked to go on strike to send a message I have had enough, but if I go on strike I damage the company I’m working for. I have no reasons to demonstrate against my employer, so a strike would be wrong.
Also I noticed that the information about the reasons of the strike of tomorrow have been barely reported by the national media. So I’m a bit worried that what is going to happen tomorrow will be mostly ignored or reduced.
On the other hand I think it is wrong to say anything and silently accept what is happening. So I decided to write here my protest.
I’d like to be proud of being italian, I’d like to live in a country where meritocracy and freedom are the drivers of economy, industry and research, where justice is granted by the system, where the public services both in the medical and in the education fields work at high standards, where the government is a service to the people, not the contrary.
I could emigrate in another country, I had some good opportunities in this direction, but even if I could, why it should be me to leave my country? This is my country! I never did anything wrong so why should I go in exile?
Anyway, this is my angry voice – give us back a good place to live in!