Month: May 2004

Photoalbum Ready

The photo album brought a little trouble. In fact the photoalbum index page is buried in the image subtree and this causes some problems with the relative reference schema I used for the site. Anyway I mastered the trouble. I don’t like too much the solution since I feel it’s not so clean, but it works.Also it is time to rewrite the indexing pane in order to improve the navigation and the consistency with the content.

Yesterday I finished the book “Bread Alone”. I found it nice and intriguing. It is the story of an American young woman with a passion for cooking bread. The book starts with her first serious boyfriend, going on with the marriage, how it broke and the way she walked to find herself.

Hidden Mail Working

The hidden mail mechanism is working, thank to Alberto who provided a solution for making it work on Internet Explorer. I trust that mail collector crawlers don’t execute the Javascript contained in a page, anyway I let you know. I’m preparing the first photoalbum (pics taken during the last fall in Trentino).
Thank you to all of you who gave me advices on this site. I’ll try to: add some colors, add some pictures, reduce the text size, change the first sentence (the one of “being an engineer”).
Those who are engineers will understand me… you’ll be able to master engineering studies only when your way of thinking change. Once I dreamed about being an inertia ellipsoid, if you managed that without getting mad… well you ARE an engineer 🙂
Therefore yes, I’m joking, but not too much (Haha only serious).
BTW this site is not valid HTML 4.01 Transitional, at least this is what the W3C Validator says. I’m working to make everything compliant, but it is not a priority and it’ll take time.

Some New Links

Again a bit of maintenance. The links section has grown. I’ve added a link to Valentino Miazzo’s web site and some reference to step/aerobic sites and miniatures.I have written a bash script for updating in a painless way this blog. Also this script gave me some idea for another article like the one I wrote yesterday on regular expressions.
Also I got some ideas about adding the email address in a way that visitors can read as it is and click on the url to send the mail with their mail application, without worrying about the e-mail-harvester-robots.

The Regexp, the Book and Links

The site is not only still up and running, that is a “Good Thing”(tm), but it is still visited and that’s GREAT, Thank you! Yesterday I had some trouble with Regular Expressions used in my bwt scripts (the stuff I use to produce my web site). I wrote some lines about regular expression matching in shell script.  The two most visited pages of my site not counting the home page, are links and books. Therefore I decided to reorganize the link page, providing a better layout and I have added the old summary I wrote on Extreme Programming Explained. Right now this page is available in Italian only.

The Veil Lifts

I set the site in a visible state. Also I added some projects for download. They are very rough, and according to “The Art of Unix Programming” I shouldn’t even think of publish them. Mail links still don’t convince me. If you click on one of them in Mozilla you get a mail with three recipients: maxpagani, at and Which isn’t very friendly. I’d like to put the simplest URL without being flooded with SPAM.
There are still three URLs marked as work in progress: wife, miniatures and videogames. Also 3DRap sources are not yet accessible since they require a non-trivial polishing work. But the urge to publish my site was no longer bearable :-).

On Line

The site is on-line, hidden in a ‘secret’ file in The hosting service is quite complete and provides some tools for creating: real blogs, counters and guest book. The only annoyance is that you have to install and configure yourself. With the possible exception of the counter I opted to go on with my site instead of spending time on these nice gadgets.