The build succeeded… uh, yes, and…

The phone rings in the heart of the night. A sleepy programmer, tired for an extended period of hard work and long hours, wakes up and after a few attempts picks up the receiver. On the other side the slightly frantic voice of his boss: “Good news. The build succeeded…. oh, yes, and Jimmy has
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To the Moon and Blackwell

I’ve always been convinced that you don’t need big bucks to create masterpieces. Masterpieces are masterpieces regardless of the technology, the cast, the equipment, the AAA team. Masterpiece is when you’ve got a great inspiration and great capabilities. Technology is just something that is in your way.Recently I played two games that prove this theorem.
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The Ultimate Guide to Videogame Writing and Design

Video gaming is for sure one of the reasons I got so addicted in computer programming. Being forced out of the videogame industry in 2004 had not been an happy experience at all and I am still trying to make sense out of it. But life goes on and if I am not really capable
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Tomb Raider – the prophecy

PaoloMan sent me a link of a video review of Tomb Raider – the prophecy the game we developed some years ago when I worked at UbiStudios. The development was quite a challenge – we have to reuse as much as possible from the previous game – [CV-projectDesc-RS.html|Rogue Spear] and write, test and debug the
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