The ideal job

It is since long that Videogame Studios recruiters send occasional mail proposing jobs (for whose I am mostly unqualified, but it is always nice to be considered). This morning I received an opening in South France with the following benefit list Christmas Bonus for all employees in November = about 1500€ for one full working
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Finding the Right Path

After yesterday’s post, PaoloMan reminded me about how he and Piggi changed the CEngine pathfinding system simplifying the level design by at least an order of magnitude. In fact I had the intention of writing about their bread crumb pathfinding algorithm, but the good will got lost in some interruption of my editing. Anyway the
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Game Development and Production

There are tons of books about writing every aspect of a videogame, about how designing the next great hit, about how to model and animate characters, but this is indeed the first book about how to make a videogame. In other words by reading this book you’ll get some insights at how to plan and
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Core Techniques and Algorithms in Game Programming

This book aims to be a comprehensive textbook for videogame programming courses. At least this is what it seemed to me. It doesn’t contain anything new or complex, but it is a good presentation, offering many references, for all the subjects in this vast field. To the experienced videogame programmer, the book hasn’t much to
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