PIC18 Project Survival Guide

two microchip PIC18F MPU

I worked with PIC18 on a large project for about 2 years. The project was composed of some 10 devices all PIC18 based whose firmware was produced by tailoring the codebase with conditional compilation. I had some fun and quite a lot of frustration besides having a hard time trying to understand while in the
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Our Fathers’ Faults

programmer in despair

The idea of this series came from my friend and colleague Roberto. We were joking about how to hack in Scala Italy with a talk. Being no Scala expert, we assembled the idea of talking about the pitfalls and shortcomings we found in the code we are working and present them disguised with glasses-nose-and-mustaches so
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Our Fathers’ Faults – Akktors and Ekkstras

After the first four posts of “Our Fathers’ Faults” it’s time to turn a specific aspect of the application – the Akka framework. The code I’m managing is strongly based on this framework offering endless inspiration for misuse and abuse. Before going straight to the sins parade, I think it is proper a brief introduction
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