Working as a professional software/firmware programmer means that most of the code I wrote is bound to some form of a non-disclosure agreement. In my free time, I’m often idly coding, but such projects never reach an adequate level for showing them.

On this page, you can find code projects that escaped the NDA (mostly because I wrote them on my own time), blog projects (i.e. series of posts on an argument), and released projects (i.e. products).

Code projects

  • Flic – a functional library for C++. After having coded so much in Scala I tried to port some concepts and tools to C++. Some times later I discovered that C++20 adds the range library which supports basically the same idioms (note – actual work is in branch pre-devel).
  • Tydal – a language for defining types. This project came out of my frustration in using swagger to define JSON constructs. Tydal’s goal is to read the type definition and crank out C++/Scala/Java encoder and decoders. It is not complete.
  • wonderObjects – a silly program to generate fictional names for unlikely devices (actually only available in Italian). Written in … bash.

Blog Series Projects


  • Rayman GBC – my first commercial videogame (128k+ Z80 Assembly) (play this online)
  • Donald Duck – Going Qu@ckers GBC – my preferred GameBoy Color videogame (play this online)
  • Rogue Spear GBA – isometric, 150kLines of C for ARM, pathfinding, line of sight, fog of war (play this online)
  • Tomb Raider GBA – RAD game (action) using Rogue Spear engine and tools. (play this online)
  • The Mummy GBA – RAD game (puzzle) using Rogue Spear engine and tools (play this online).
  • Beyond Good & Evil Xbox – Porting large C++ project from GameCube. Remote team, scarce bandwidth.
  • Legrand Nurse Calling System – a distributed system for handling patient calls in hospitals.
  • Murasaki Baby PS Vita – my last commercial videogame, made with Unity and C# (and love, and pain).
  • Tecniplast DVC – the current project spans from deeply embedded (8k flash cortex chips) to the cloud (Scala, Akka, Mqtt)

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