Our Fathers’ Faults

programmer in despair

The idea of this series came from my friend and colleague Roberto. We were joking about how to hack in Scala Italy with a talk. Being no Scala expert, we assembled the idea of talking about the pitfalls and shortcomings we found in the code we are working and present them disguised with glasses-nose-and-mustaches so that we (and the company we’re working for) couldn’t be recognized.

Starting working on the idea I soon realized that there was quite a lot of interesting stuff that could be organized in several posts. Here is the list of the articles in the series:

  1. Failure is not an Option
  2. Operator @#!
  3. Chain of Death
  4. Scantly Typed Language
  5. Akktors and Ekkstras
  6. Mixing Actors and OOP – Actors with Method
  7. Mixing Actors and OOP – Acting is not an Inherited Trait
  8. Actors and Explicit State
  9. Actors and Concurrency
  10. Wrapping it up

(featured image from Affari vettore creata da pikisuperstar – it.freepik.com)