Trousers of Time… Again

It happened again. Last time was 2008, I received an interesting job offer and I had a really hard time in deciding what to do. Since the last days before Summer vacation I’ve been in touch with two friends that offered me a position for a leading a game programming team. For sure it was a once in a life time occasion, considering I live in Italy and considering the kind of workplace they were going to build and the name sponsoring the development.Since September I heartedly decided to join them in this adventure and I even start working for them in my spare time.
Sadly this morning I had to change my mind because we were unable to reach an agreement for the notice period my current employer required.
I feel sad and very dumb since programming videogames is my dream-job and I keep being nit-picking. The last time (and even the time before – not recorded here), hindsight proved me right, but I don’t think this is the case.
Somehow I also feel guilty, because I know I can make the difference, even though my videogame programming knowledge is a bit dated.
What to add more? Well, all the best to you, my friends, go and show the world Italians can make great games, too!

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