Yesterday has been my last day at SISSPre, Alongside the excitement for starting a new job today, there is the melancholy of leaving talented professionals and good friends.

I changed job quite a lot and I feel so lucky and grateful to have met so many wonderful people. Always. Everywhere.

With many of them I’m still in touch, and with others I feel we’re still connected even if we don’t talk or write since a long time.

This post is just this – to all the people I met on the workplace, from ABB Elettrocondutture, Ubisoft, Webplan, Dylogic, MR&D Institute, Ovosonico, Tecniplast and SISSPre, thank you all for the good time we shared, the things you taught me and for being kind and welcoming.

Ad Astra!

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  • Thanks Max, I saw your post just today but, in reality, we already talked and shared our feelings!!
    Nice that I am still in contact witrh you,
    Keep up the good work and the good life!!!

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