Half Life – Full entertainment

Playing half life 2 is an enjoyable experience. I really mean. I think this game is going to be the reference against which other games will be compared.The enemies AI is interesting. For example I found that a zombi after “understanding” he could not reach me directly, since I was on a high platform, grabbed a chair and threw it at me. What’s amazing is that the chair was one I took from another platform and fired it down into the square were the zombies were wandering.
Given this very polished game features it’s very surprising to discover quite a poor dubbing. Valve chose non-professional actors or gave them not enough information to do their work. You suppose that during a battle a comrade shouting: “watch out Mr. Freeman” would add an intensity and an emotion quite different from a pal asking for pop-corns in front of a TV screen. The latter is what you get in HL2… At least talking about the italian version. Also most of the actors aren’t italian for sure, altough very clear and understandable, their voices have foreign accent.
Anyway the game is really a great game. The more you go further in the story, the more you can appreciate the rythm and pace of the sequence.
Albeit this is the first release and I have applied no patches the game never crashed (sadly a rare case for PC games) and I got no severe bugs. Well done Valve!

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