I bought this book beacuse I am fascinated by the alternative history books. What if the German had won the WWII? The subject is the same dealt with in the book Fatherland by Robert Harris. The difference is that Fatherland is set in Germany, while SS/GB is set in London, telling about invading forces trying to define and layout the new system scheme and the subjected people striving between the revolt and revenge desire and the need of a stable and safe everyday life.I found the book rather dull… as if there were no story to tell about. The main character is a famous detective in Scotland Yard now to the orders of the new boss – a German army general. The plot is about some atomic research and stealing of related documents. There is a general good potential for developing situations, but the writer seems to lightly ignore them, putting other meat on the bbq and going on like that.
Maybe I lack some history details about relevant WWII people in UK, so I missed too many links and goodies, or maybe too much went lost in the translation… Anyway I wouldn’t reccommend this book. (I just glanced through the Amazon reviews that are instead rather good).

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