Don’t try this

Ok, I warned you. If you try it out chances are high that your productivity could seize up. On the other hand, with a sensible usage, you’ll waste less time while gaining in knowledge (and since knowledge is power, all sort of savings are within reach). Reader is the name, Google Reader. It is a news feed reader that access Atom feeds and present them in a gmail like fashion on your favorite browser.
You can even mark interesting news for sharing and have them published in your website within an applet:

or you can look them up on a web page, or they can be fed as an RSS feed, or you can mail them via gmail. Pretty impressive!

One thought on “Don’t try this

  • Well, Google reader had been discontinued on July 1, 2013. After searching for alternatives for a while, I identified as an alternatives. In fact RSS feed seems to decline in favor of more monolithic news aggregators such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. But nowadays you have plenty of choice to waste … ehm, spend your time on.

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