LMX: Hoax, Fake or Fraud?

This is my last post about LMX AKA Lightmotion, on the other hand, their website is now down, and this could mean that these people won’t harm anyone at least in this way. All links you’ll find here are to Italian-only pages.

I did some investigation on Friday, starting from the email address contained in the DNS records for the domain lmfx.com. This address led to a bunch of messages on the provider forum. The most interesting message is the one in which the writer asks for a way to create a mailing list given a list of mail addresses in a text file. Sounds like a spammer wannabe? Note that this message was written on Jul, 7th, around the days when the lightmotion job offerings were posted around the world.

Another interesting post is found in the gameprog.it job offering site, where he looks for programmers and artists to create a video game. This post is quite old dating back to September 2002, but you can recognize the idea of working for him, in your spare time, while keeping your work. The other point is that in this post you find two other email addresses of him.

By googling the latest you get pointed to a first surprise – in December 2003, he is claiming that he is studying C++ at university and he is looking for a Visual Basic program that has to perform some suspicious operations of search and extraction.

The last post of notice is the request for a program again about strings search and extraction, but this time the author explicitly writes about extracting email addresses from web pages.

The author this time claims he is studying Java at university and he’s looking for a C++ implementation. Since some users of the forum doubted some spam intents, he declared that this request was for an Economy course assignment about how to speed up recruitment.

I’d like to stop here (otherwise it would seem personal bashing) leaving the conclusion to you.

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