The Da Vinci Code

This is the book of the year I suppose, being it in the international top ten for while now. This was a Xmas present for my brother who has been so nice to lend it to me.The book is indeed addicting, to the point the you have to be really brave to drop it. I read it in 4 days only because I was forced to make some pauses.
Despite of the excellent writing technique I found it somewhat weak in the logic. I mean more than one riddle is really easy for the reader to solve well in advance with respect of the characters. Also it is not clear why the Evil One, while being to clever to organize all the script, miserably fails uncovering himself when he had the treasure in his hands.
My impression was that this is a manifesto book, as much as The Celestine Prophecy is a manifesto to the New Age ideology. The book is deeply descriptive in secret societies history and Christian religion origin. I guess many facts reported are real.
But from a research point of view I prefer a book such as The Templar Revelation, which is full of references to sources and material for further researches.

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