Witches Abroad

This is the second book by Pratchett I read in original language. Pratchett is great, as usual, in clever entertainment. You don’t get just some funny jokes, but the plot depth and the characterization are up to the best novels I read. The plot is about godmothering vs. witchcraft. The usual witch party – Granny Weatherwax, Nanny Ogg and Magrat Garlick – is going to the distant city of Genua to perform some godmothering duties, having Magrat inherited a godmother fairy wand.
For the non-native-english reader the book is plenty of challenges. Witches speak odd word you aren’t likely to find in a conventional dictionary. The only way I found to get the sense of these tough parts is to go for the likely pronunciation and finding assonance with known words. Also there are some parts, some sentences you are sure are some sort of joke, pun or distortion of the like, but remain quite obscure.
Nonetheless the reading is really worth the effort… Reading twice or thrice the same page to (try to) get every bit of meaning lets you taste the book better and better.
Also expect big laugh, there are unforgettable moments which made me hilarious despite being in a crowded train carriage.

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