Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

HP6 came under the best premises. I pre-ordered it on Amazon saving 30%, then, after delivery I got another $ back from Amazon because they find a better agreement allowing them to make a better price, and last I received it the day before leaving for holidays. Everything went fine and smooth, so I was positively biased.
I found this book to be really good, with less mysteries to solve and more depth, overall a more enjoyable reading like if turning a bit down the pace the effort went in quality.
In this book more and more I felt drawn into the HP’s world. Also the story diverged from the standard template the other books accustomed us. It still tells about a school year, but the ending is more open, this book sets the stage for a follow up radically different.
I think everyone knows by now that Dumbledore is going to die, and this is a really touching point in the story, I was left with a sense of sadness and lost for a couple of day in the real life.
Characters are growing up, and the story becomes more mature as well. As already laid out in the previous episodes, the boundaries between good and evil become more fuzzy, people deeply convinced of acting for good sake will end in doing wrong. I would have expected HP to be tempted of joining Voldemort side to add some more tension to the character, but this wasn’t the case. Voldemort is actively trying to destroy everything is important to Harry leaving him no other way that Good.
Tensions in Harry are whether or not to declare himself to Jinny, how to let Ron and Hermione to reconcile, why no one believes him when he says that Draco is a Death Eater… well nothing particularly new.
I think that the magic of the book is in how it is written in the world described and how they are described, in the ingenuity involved.
I have a hope, I strongly hope that one day, maybe not the next book, nor the one after, but eventually this masterpiece will come to an end. Stories must end. The end alone is half of the story, while I fear, being HP a goldmine, that this would turn in an endless soap-opera with HP turned in some rogue hero fighting against an endlessly re-spawning enemy.
What if red hood fable instead of ending with the death of the wolf, would have ended with the wolf escaping and RedHood and her granny starting an EvilWolf Private Eye investigation company?

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