I am legend

his booklet has been a pleasant surprise. The idea is intriguing – the main character is the last human surviving on earth where the rest of mankind has been turned into vampires.He discovers to be somewhat immune to their bytes, nonetheless he has to defend himself against vampire hordes hungry of flesh and blood. During the day he is quite free to go around and take what he needs from the deserted city. Moreover during the day he turns in the hunter trying to kill (forever) the undead breed.
The man fortifies his home, sets up an engine power supply to have light and electricity. But this is not the story of a modern Robinson Crusoe; this is a story about fighting. Fighting against the failure and loneliness first, fighting against alcoholic addiction, fighting against the vampire disease with the scientific method weapons, and last fighting against the purposeless survival instinct when he understand that he’s obsolete.
This is the sad conclusion, understanding that normality is just what most people consider to be normal, therefore it is relative and not absolute, thus finding himself belonging to the past, on the way to take the role of deviant and anomalous.

Once upon a time vampires were rare and they had to stay hidden because of their diversity, fearing the outside world full of normal people ready to kill them. For this reason they were placed in an imaginary existence, they were deemed legends. Now its time for revenge: he is going to be the anomaly; he’s going to be considered legend.
I like to think that there is another reading for the title. The main character is so great and powerful in its way of fighting and winning that it cannot be considered legendary.

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