Cooking eggs

Ok, I have to admit it – they tricked me. Maybe I’m becoming old… There was this picture of an egg between two mobile phones. The text: “Set the two mobiles to call each other and after an hour or so you’ll find that the egg is cooked.” (For a more convoluted story in italian or another one in english). Now there should have been some warning signals. I mean, I know that the maximum emission of RF-energy from a mobile phone is from its back, so that it won’t waste energy into your brain, but in the opposite direction which is more promising for being obstacle free. Also, the GSM frequencies are not the same of your microwave oven. And microwave oven frequencies are tuned to have the best warming effect on the water molecule in foods. Alas, believing that something so simple and dramatic at the same time could reveal the real danger of pervasive wireless communications was too tempting.
The hoax is easily spot if you could do some math. I should have done it first, before blindly believing.
Talking about believing, I found this site (in Italian) that is plenty of food for thoughts, just be careful of not eat too much. Avoid it if you are sensitive on religious topics.
The link of the day is the Linux revenge for my rants against it. If you have Windows XP then you may have tried to search a bunch of file for a specific word. If files are recognized by Windows then there is no problem, but if files are not recognized (maybe just an unknown extension) then you won’t find anything. To “fix” this behavior is really simple, just twiddle bits in the registry. Enjoy!

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