Searching (other people’s) code

You know, the better you know how to use Google the better you do your work. Be it searching, discovering, copying or taking inspiration Google is today as close as possible to the sixties idea of the omniscient computer. Just ask, it knows the answer. As a programmer I’m used to googling quite often, but it’s just today that I discovered a Google tool aimed at easing the programmer life. Google code search is a specialization of the best search engine to search through all the code available on Internet. It is impressive by itself allowing you to use regular expression, specifying language or license! The advance search shows a more usable form and allows you to specify negation and case sensitivity.
As this is a great tool for programmers, it is a great tool for those looking for vulnerabilities and security issues (be they the Good or the Bad boys). Have a look here to get a glimpse over what you can recover via Google code search.

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