Spaghetti Alla Disperata

You are back home late and you have to dine. You open the fridge wondering why it is so hard to open. The answer strikes you immediately when the door is push open – the fridge is full of vacuum and it… sucks. So you need to arrange something… what’s there? A tomato desperately fighting against mold. A not so expired mozzarella cheese… well let’s have a look at what you can cook.
This is, more or less, what happened yesterday evening. Here is the recipe I recovered from a book requiring exactly (lucky I am, isn’t it?) what I had in the fridge.
The name is Spaghetti alla Caprese, I named them Spaghetti alla Disperata (Desperation Spaghetti). For 4 people:

400g spaghetti
100g mozzarella cheese
70g tuna
2 fillet of anchovies
ground pepper
6 black olives
3 spoon of olive oil
350 of tomatoes

Peel the tomatoes, cut in small cubes and take the seeds apart. Put them in the saucepan where the olive oil is already hot. Cook the tomatoes for about 15 minutes occasionally stirring them.
In a mortar (you can use a chopping board with a chopping knife, instead) mix the anchovies and the tuna. When the mixture is well blended add the olives cut in little parts.
Strain the past a bit early and put with the tomatoes, add the fish/olive mixture and some ground pepper. Finally add the mozzarella cut in small cubes.

Enjoy and then go shopping something for eating tomorrow.

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