Easter Aftermath

Happy Easter… usually it starts with something like this, then you find 4 days later at the workplace wondering exactly what happened… Well it happened that supermarket shopping on Friday evening is always nefarious. Everyone, his friends and his brothers are there to shop for the weekend. People with no other goal than staring absent mindedly to shelves while keeping their cart across the corridors. Crowds of long unseen old friends clustering together (and usually complaining about people stopping in the market or about new generations without good manners). This time it had been a bit worse, because someone took our cart at about one third of the process and we had to restart from the beginning.
Then on Saturday it was the Shoes-Day, I spent the whole day with my wife in and out from shoe-shops and outlets in Parabiago. We also succeed in smashing another car door, fortunately no injuries for anyone and not much damage for our car (anyway our insurance fee will raise). We started about at 9:00 and we got back home after 20:00.
On Easter and Monday we paid the belonging to our families.
During this holidays evenings we tried to figure out the best accommodation in Las Vegas for this Summer U.S. travel. When traveling to Norway, two years ago, we found very helpful the website to make hotel reservations in Germany. Unfortunately there isn’t anything so complete for U.S. and we are browsing through endless lists of hotels, motels logdes, bed and breakfasts, inns and so on. At last (after three evenings of hard search and comparison) we found a Travelodge on the strip, close to Bellaggio, at a convenient price.

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