2nd level outsourcing

This is funny, I was joking last Saturday with two friends of mine about the fact that outsourcing to India is no longer convenient and that Indians may outsource tech-jobs back to US, and this morning I found this news: Indian Software Firm Outsourcing Jobs To US. I hope this could reverse this odd trend of relocating tech jobs in the far east, and provide for a better distribution of the wellness in the world. A friend of mine told me that Indian programmer salaries are low for young and/or inexperienced, but rise steeper when compared to western programmer. In other words inexperienced programmers are cheaper in India, while experienced programmers are cheaper in western countries (while being more expensive than inexperienced programmers everywhere :-)).
And Italian programmers are cheaper than other western countries’ programmer because Italy has the lowest salaries among the industrialized countries of the EU. That’s to say it is viable and worthing for a US company to outsource tech jobs to Italy. I just recommend to provide their management because local workforce has serious trouble in grasping tech-projects management 101.

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