Dreaming of a light Xmas

I dream of a Xmas… I know, that’s not what you may call an original start, but rather than aiming for high goals such as peace, no more hunger or hate, my dream is about something closer and less noble. I dream of a Xmas where you can eat just what’s enough for a day and not the amount of energy required to deliver an orbital payload.
I dream of a Xmas lunch where people has not to say, overblown by the food, “that’s the tradition, we have to”. Why? Isn’t it enough to spend good time with parents, family, friends and/or relatives? Isn’t enough a 3-course meal? Xmas was once celebrated and sanctified by bringing something unusual, expensive and plentiful to the table. Starving the rest of the year, that was a right and proper thing to do on holidays. Todays there’s no meaning in doing this way.
According to Terry Pratchett this is going to stay just a dream since “You couldn’t stop Tradition. You could just add to it” (from “The Last Continent”).

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