How to get rid of their Assistant.

Aren’t assistants supposed to be useful people? Maybe also discrete and non intrusive? I suppose so. I wonder how Microsoft got the idea of the infamous assistants for their Office 97 suite. That gizmo-clip is plain disturbing and until now I haven’t found anyone who likes it. Eventually Microsoft realized it and removed the annoying thing from more recent versions of Office. Nonetheless, even living today, you maybe still constrained to use an old version with the bouncing-blinking-wobbling-barking-clip. In the (unlikely) case you don’t like it, too, you may already have discovered that there is no official way to uninstall it.
The assistant seems there to stay, offending you intelligence and concentration. Luckily I found these instructions on how to blow it out of sight forever. Simply locate the directory “%ProgramFiles%Microsoft OfficeOfficeActors” (yes, there is a space within) and then remove every file with a “.ACT” extension.
This causes no problem whatsoever to Office, just enjoy the silence.
In the case you want back later the assistant, just resist the temptation, shouldn’t be hard.

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