Documents delivered

Documents for our adoption process have been delivered on Feb 19th. Go go go! Well the current problem is to make a homely room for our two children. After identifying the room (not that hard, since we don’t live in a palace), we stumbled on the first problem – that room has been filled, during these 11 years of wedding, with tons of stuff… mostly mine. There is a desk with the PC, two bookcases, videogames, another small PC desk, and also, at least according to my wife, a countless number of cables and wires.
It is a matter of fact that problems don’t exist alone in their space, they usually bring a number of sub-problems, pre-problems and post-problems, clustering together much like troubles.
So the pre-problem for making room is to find some space to fill without offending anyone or incurring in any legal consequence. Indeed the canonical place to store stuff that rather than throw away is better forget in some dark and cobweb ridden dungeon, is the cellar.
The last time I opened our cellar door I had to quickly grab things falling outside. Not an easily solvable problem, but a tractable one, at least. Last Saturday afternoon my wife and me went down to our cellar and started digging out rubbish and set a couple of shelves. At the end of the afternoon we were worn out, a pile of stuff waited to be brought to the recycle area, but we managed to insert some emptiness in the cellar.
Sunday had been devolved to move stuff out of the room and prepare it for the cellar, the public library or the recycle area. Given the amount of stuff moved out and the amount of stuff yet to be moved, I am quite surprised that the floor hasn’t collapsed on the storey below long ago.
In a single week end we have moved out most of the books, I think we’d better start moving out stuff faster or we’ll finish to have some help by our children.

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