Justice for everyone, sort of

The more I think of it, the more it looks wrong. The current proposal against irregular immigration aims to deter immigrants from committing crimes by increasing the punishment by one third if the criminal is an irregular immigrant. If we start from the ones damaged by a crime – the damage is the same regardless to whom committed it. Regardless he is Italian or Rom, regardless he is rich or poor, regardless everything.
According to this proposal it is like Italians (or regular aliens) are somewhat more entitled to commit a crime than others. It doesn’t make any sense.
The real problem is how justice is clobbered and ineffective in Italy. It is clobbered and ineffective to everyone, not just non-regular people. Way too often Italian can’t see their rights acknowledged just because of byzantine laws, never ending trials (that could last decades!), expensive lawyers, ineffectiveness of class actions. The only chance we get is lower the head and carry on (or migrate to a more ethical country).
Therefore the real solution would be to empower courts and lighten up procedures so that we can get real justice for everyone, not just against a class of people – that’s called racism.

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