Family Complete!

Now that Juan David and Mariana are with us, our family is happily complete. Ale and me have recorded the beginning of our family story using this blog system in a hidden section. Now there’s no reason for that part to be still hidden, but I haven’t yet had enough time to modify the website accordingly. If you manage to read Italian language then you may point your browser to to read it.
In the main section of the blog (that is this) you will read both my English posts about Computers, Life, Universe and Italian posts about my family events. Currently there’s no way to select a language, neither I plan to have translation in both languages for everything. I’ll try to stick with the language better suited for the intended audience of the post (and the language I am more comfortable writing in about the matter).
Writing in Italian helped me to spot a problem in the treatment of the UTF-8 characters in comments. This bug has been fixed, but there are still a couple of problems: the XML feed is still in trouble with UTF-8 characters and the comments behaves erratically with creation date.

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