Z80 vs. PIC

Yesterday I wrote some lines of PIC assembly code to manage interrupt service routine so that I can select from C the code to execute when an interrupt occurs. Just to give you an idea of the pain, I will show you a comparison between a Z80 (1971) and a PIC18 (2002) in an indirect call. Let’s say that you want to jump at a program address stored in two bytes at address TL and TH.

Z80 PIC18
    jr L1
L2: ld hl,(TL)
    jp (hl)
L1: call L2


   bra L1
L2 movff TH,PCLATH
   movlb bank(TL)
   movf TL,W,B
   movf PCLAT
L1 rcall L2


Z80 routine is 9 bytes long while PIC18 spreads over 14 bytes. When it comes to execution times things are not so bad for PIC18 – 36 machine cycles compared to 53 of the Z80. My guess is that a 2002 architecture involves a pipeline that allows the CPU to crank out an instruction for machine cycle. In fact modern incarnations of the Zilog CPU have a revised architecture that runs 4 times faster or more than the original Z80.

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