Starhunter 2300

My journey in non-subtitled English language TV-series continues. After the first season of Starhunter I went on with the second season that is named “Starhunter 2300”.If you have read my post on the first season you could imagine I was somewhat negatively biased and you would be right. The first season was decidedly slightly more than amateurish level. Anyway 2300 dispelled my bias in a few episodes. But I am running.
The season starts exactly at the point where the first ended – The Tulip emerges from the hyperspace with Percy alone on-board. Because of some non better identified hyperspace effects, not only the Tulip changed look, but also the spaceship computer, Caravaggio, changed his hole-appearance.
Dante the former captain disappeared in hyperspace, while Travis, his son, has basically no memories of the first season, he just recalls a different history and does, surprise, bounty hunting for a living along with his friend Markus. Maybe I lost some explanations because these DVDs have no subtitles and TV-series English sometimes proves to be too hard for my comprehension. Anyway, the Tulip soon finds her crew – Travis and Markus, Callista Larkadia and Rudolpho deLuna (yes the former Tulip owner and Dante’s employer).
This second season is definitely better – stories are somewhat more solid, actors play better, characters are more defined. But this is still Starhunter – the divinity cluster (a section of human DNA implanted by some aliens, that, once activated would give god-like powers) sounds very fake, the Orchard still misses the opportunity to do what any serious secret organization would be able to achieve, and the hyperspace stuff is mostly insane.
I found also that Percy character didn’t fit. I mean Percy is somewhat reborn, there should be some struggle – between the first life and the second, the first world and the second. Maybe again I lost something in the comprehension, but Percy didn’t convince me – beyond the lunatic character there isn’t much.
Episodes are more action oriented than the first season and also scenery and props are more credible. Overall I would rate this season 7/10, you could like it if you like sci-fi themed action episodes and you are not too picky about the science aspect. Anyway if you want to watch this season for free, you find it on youtube.

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