Reign of Terror

Thanks to linked-in pulse I stumbled in this excellent article Why my employees don’t care. I wonder, how many workplace are where bosses read these kind of articles (and Peopleware and Slack, and I may go on and on)? At the end my impression is that those who read this kind of literacy are not the people who have the real power of making things happen.I always have been at discomfort with the “Carrot & Stick” method, not to talk about the “Reign of Terror” (Project Managers are watch dogs that must shout and menacing to keep people doing what the must do). If I have to look back at my career, I expressed my profession and skills at best when I was given (or was able to get) an “insulated” framework where I could work without watchdog on my neck ready to bite me at first hesitation.

In the hope that soon or later, also those in charge will read.

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