Ready? Set! Scrum

So, it has started. After taking a Construx on line SCRUM boot-camp, I started the scrum process at my workplace. This needs a bit of background though. The company I work for it is quite an unusual environment where developing software. The company started nearly 70 years ago and always manufactured plastic and metal goods. Maybe one of the reasons it is lasting so long is that avoided electronics first and software then for a very long period.

Nowadays softwareless goods are becoming increasingly difficult to sell, and beside everything, adding software to laboratory equipments may turn a great product into a fantastic one… and since “fantastic” means in the fantasy, you see the risk involved.

Developing software in a traditional mechanical manufacturing company has its own share of challenges and woes. If I manage to keep up with my proposition, I’ll report about my attempt to introduce a process that is as far as you can think of from the classical waterfall approach.


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