What is in a name?

Here now and then, as a programmer, you have a hard time finding a good name for something. That thingy thing that eludes your wit and skill to name things. And that’s bad because it is hard to reason about unnamed entities. Symbols are deeply embedded in our brainwork and the right word has quite a power to drive thoughts efficiently and reliably.

Well, yours truly comes to the rescue with a little bash script you can use for this purpose. Point your browser here and promptly download wonderObject.sh. Regretfully this script produces only Italian names, but you can readily translate them in your native language with google translator or any other online translation service.

Here are some samples –

  • coaxial flowmeter
  • gravitational waves rotor with phase shift
  • alkaloid mono-inducer
  • adiabatic tachyon radiometer

If you are not satisfied with the result, just run the script again until the outcome satisfies your taste.

Enjoy 🙂

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