*m*zn bye bye

One week ago I received an email from the most successful online store owned by Bezos, telling me that since my site didn’t earn any money in the last 365 days, my affiliation program was terminated. Within a week I had to remove all references to their website from my blog.

Here is the text of the communication:

Il tuo account da affiliato verrà chiuso con effetto entro il termine di sette giorni, entro lo stesso termine terminerà anche l’ Accordo Operativo che lo regola.

Nota – Questa comunicazione riguarda solo l’account elencato nella riga dell’oggetto di questa email.

Perché questa comunicazione?
Perché non sono state effettuate vendite tramite link di affiliazione negli ultimi 365 giorni.

Cosa accade ora?
Dovrai terminare l’utilizzo di ogni contenuto e marchio *m*zon e rimuovere immediatamente tutti i link diretti al sito di *m*zon. Riceverai tuttavia il pagamento per ogni commissione ancora da pagare guadagnata precedentemente a questa comunicazione.

Ti invitiamo tuttavia a candidarti nuovamente in futuro visitando la pagina: https://programma-affiliazione.*m*zon.it.

Ti ringraziamo per la partecipazione al Programma di Affiliazione di *m*zon EU.


I sent them two emails, one to the Italian branch and the other to the US headquarters, stating that mine is not an e-commerce website and my affiliation is more a service to my readers to look up books and/or movies if they are interested (in fact is far more than 365 that referral fees sum up to 0). Despite the claim of a reply in less than 24h I got no response.

Basically, I don’t understand why they have to behave like this, the traffic from my website costs them zero. Also, any traffic that would arrive there could be a potential purchase (this is more up to them to be good at marketing on their website). But also it piss me off that I have to remove all links to their website – I had to go through the database of my website (15 years of posts) and manually replace references. And why? Shouldn’t I be free to link anyone I want to link?

So I decided that *m*zn is history, time to look elsewhere. I would like to join the affiliation program of ibs, but I still have some trouble with their affiliation service tradedoubler.

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